Uber or Lyft for the week of 4th of July?


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Hey Guys!

New to the forum and I've been driving for Uber and Lyft for 4 months in Orange County. Yes I do the drunken bar crowds mostly and some 4 am LAX runs, and I've always felt that Uber gets more business here. Therefore I drive Uber more than Lyft. Now I'm wondering since the 4th of July is coming around which would be most profitable for that week. I've thought of driving for Lyft only, try driving the morning commuters and aim for the 20% power bonus, or if Uber would be better for surges and in case if they do the additional $1 for every $10 in gross fares incentive. Not sure if how long it will continue since I never got an email stating whether it will or not. What's your take? What did you do if you worked last year?