Uber or ATL not directing paxes to Lower Level


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It's not the airport's job to do so. They never directed limo passengers down there so why should they start now. Get familiar with giving directions. Tell them to take the escalator downstairs behind Georgia lottery booth near carousel four.


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Great idea to attach a picture of the car. Going to prepare a suitable sized daytime and nighttime pics

Thank "ther Ride Share Guy" for that suggestion. I've been doing it for over the past 18 months. The pax really like it. I used to have a prepared text asking for business names or gate codes if applicable. But since uber has changed the VoIP system it is easier to send a short text "on the way" and attache the photo. I don't see the need for a nighttime photo. I send the text out to every request. If I'm moving when the request come in, I find a safe place to pull over and send the text. It only takes a minute


I picked up today and my Pax was in the Lowel Level waiting. I enjoyed my experience today. The queue went pretty quick. The lot is paved with security giving directions and checking for decals. I will definitely be utilizing this option from time to time.