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I am hearing that Channel 10 News, Tampa FL, will have a piece about UBER drivers on the 11pm News tonight, Thursday. I might miss it. If you see it, please share any thoughts here.


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I saw the news item; it focused primarily on fatigued drivers. In Tampa, emphasis was on taxicabs, with lots of yellow cabs in the videos. The UBER driver seems to have been from out of state. I did not recognize sny of the scenary; but, she drives up to 18 hours/day and says she manages her limits, taking naps at various times. The Yellow Cab driver was doing 14 to 16 hours 7 days per week. No law against that in FL.


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I seen the commercial but forgot to record it. I figured it was just like truck drivers, too much driving without sleep. Since I work 4 hours a day It doesn't affect me...lol, easily solved, Uber knows how many hours you are online they can just shut you down after a certain amount, which isn't a bad idea in my book. Just the other day I fell asleep at like 1am and woke at 3 am ( things on my mind) I felt sleepy and went home after my 3rd short trip. People have to be safe.