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Uber on Android Auto or 2018 Honda Civic apk?

Benjamin M

Well-Known Member
Just bought a new 2018 Honda Civic EX with Android Auto and the ability to install apks. I didn't want to buy a new car but my previous Civic was a write off after being rear ended driving Uber (see my previous post) .

Has anyone had luck with using Google Maps for the nav system in Uber and then using Android Auto for navigation in the car? Or installing the Uber apk?


New Member
I used to use Android Auto along with Uber. It worked pretty well, most of the time, but sometimes the Android Auto would freeze and I would have to pull the USB out and continue with the Uber Driver app on my phone, which was running and in sync, always. The trick is as follows:
1) Plug in your phone and connect to Android Auto as usual. Your phone's screen will be blacked out and covered with the Android Auto screen.
2) Press the Switch App button on your phone, so all the running apps are listed. Then, press the Home button on your phone to return to your Android phone home screen.
3) Now, you can launch Uber Driver on your phone, and use the phone for the Uber Driver app, but when you start a trip, the GPS Map (Google, or Uber, or Waze) will be displayed on your car's Android Auto screen with the destination already entered, and the navigation audio will be played through your car's stereo.
Remember, if something goes wrong on a trip, you just pull out the USB plug, and everything will instantly be on your phone's screen.