Uber officially launches its grocery delivery service

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Guys always panic at the grocery store. Don't see whats in front of them 😂. So frustrating.

You think groceries make us panic? One of my very first Shipt orders was for half a dozen bras. I don't remember how long I wandered around in the lingerie section trying to find the specific bras that were on my list. Finally, I gave up and got help from a store employee. I told her I was completely out of my element and had no clue what I was looking for. It ended with both of us sitting on the floor at one of the bra racks going through bras trying to find the ones that matched the descriptions in my app. Actually, that's not where it ended. It ended with me knocking on the woman's door to deliver the order and her being noticeably not impressed that her bras were being delivered by a man. Pretty sure that's where my 1-star came from. My very first rating on that platform was a 1-star, and that was one of the first orders that I delivered.


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Uber goes all in with grocery delivery

This could put the ride-hailing company in direct competition with Instacart.

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As many businesses have suffered a financial blow during the novel coronavirus pandemic, grocery delivery apps have seen a surge in use. Taking advantage of the moment, Uber announced Tuesday it's adding grocery delivery to its app in several cities across the Americas.

The ride-hailing company is rolling out this new service in collaboration with the Chile-based grocery delivery startup Cornershop, which Uber bought a majority investment in last October. The acquisition has been approved by the Chilean authorities but is still pending regulatory approval in Mexico.

"Our vision is of being a one-stop-shop for all of our customers on food occasions," Raj Beri, Uber's global head of grocery, said in a press call. "We want to make sure we're able to get groceries to customers as conveniently and quickly as possible."

With shelter-in-place orders during the coronavirus pandemic, many people have increasingly relied on restaurant and grocery delivery apps to get their food. Startups like Instacart, DoorDash and Grubhub have seen their businesses skyrocket over the past few months.

While its rides business has plummeted, Uber said its restaurant delivery service Uber Eats has seen orders go up more than 100% since the same period last year. And in the more than 30 countries where Uber has been experimenting with grocery delivery, it said it's seen a 176% increase in grocery orders since February. Cornershop said it's now doing more than 1 million orders a month.

Still, on-demand food delivery is a competitive space. Caviar, Grubhub, Seamless and DoorDash do restaurant deliveries. And Instacart and Amazon Fresh offer grocery deliveries. On Monday, Uber announced it was acquiring the app Postmates, which touts itself as the "whatever-you-can-think-of" delivery app.

Uber's grocery delivery service is available as of Tuesday in 19 cities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Canada. It'll launch later this month in the US in Miami and Dallas. Uber said it plans to eventually make the service available worldwide.

When users in these cities open the Uber app, they'll see the icon for grocery delivery. Once they click on that, they can pick from various supermarkets. From there, they can select whatever items they'd like to add to their virtual grocery cart. They'll also have the option to select a time slot for their groceries to be delivered.

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I don't see how this is going to work with places like Walmart offering free delivery in two hours on shopping and groceries.

This is just another part of Uber's Ponzi scheme to make it look like they are getting revenue when they are going deeper into debt.


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Safeway delivers my food for $2.99 in a refrigerator truck and I can use my club card and they send me coupons and discounts. I just get the weekly add get all the deals and do a early morning delivery for the best innovatory.
I really dont understand how hunting & gathering for 20 minutes every 2 weeks at an air conditioned big box, i mean grocery shopping has become such a burden to humans?

seriously do yall like buy different stuff everytime? Because my shopping list is pretty much the same & once every couple of months at the warehouse club & once every 2 weeks at the nearest grocers and i literally spend less than 24 hours every YEAR on the calories I need to live & sustain myself.

Just dont get it at all & Ive had a few down years in my adulthood where I had to walk 30 minutes, load the backpack up & walk back with bags in my hand, or just threw my neighbor $10 or filled the gas tank up for em for a run?

Hundreds of billions if not trillions wasted on this nonsense is gonna go down in the history books.

Imagine having to actually fish, hunt, farm..
Internet goes down for a day peoples heads would explode lol every try to get change from a cashier with a register down? it looks like their heads about to explode with the difficult calculations their brains trying to perform


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I find it amusing that people at Uber can't remember their own talking points. You don't have a delivery business. Remember, Dara? If you had a delivery business, then delivery drivers would be performing a function that is core to your business and would thus be employees. You have a business of selling customer lead information to independent delivery drivers.........or passenger driver, or grocery shoppers, etc., etc., etc.

It's funny that it is so glaringly obvious that they have a delivery business that even Dara can't remember that they don't.
A "lead" is a potential customer. Pax are not potential customers, they're recruited, signed, sold, and sealed. Uber fetches the drivers to do the "delivered" part in much the same way that an airline pilot or Greyhound bus driver does, except the Uber drivers use their own "planes" and "buses".

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Not even instacart knows what its doing being in the business for a while, do they know how complex it is to manage this shit? they will not be able to automate anything, all money will go down the drain in CSR that can do the job right for the pennies they pay him/her.

Talking to rohit about why you can't add items to the bugged order should be gold in yt.

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I myself am looking forward to uber getting into this.

Already shipt and instacart have reduced the number of $4.80 grocery runs i get in the cab by a wide margin... getting rid of those damned waste of time/money trips is no loss to me. Makes daytime cab driving a lot better.