Uber Office Calls It a Short Day


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I think the last time Uber shut it's doors was when they did their deactivation of the ACRO specialists almost a year ago. Makes me wonder...
It could also be something unrelated like broken A/C or malfunctioning electronic queue system. It's a real schlep for many, and the parking situation can be horrendous on the side streets. So to go through all that and find it closed. Not fun.

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Just Another Uber Drive

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Guys I think the Los Angeles office in Westwood is no more.
Here I found a list of other "hubs" they have in LA County.

However the Westwood location is still listed on the same website, but on a different page.

P.S. Is Ubermovement.com affiliated with Uber or are they just riding the wave?
Sometimes the info they have differ from the ones on Uber.com
Ubermovement.com is official. It's Uber. It is always where Uber will direct you for info. Each city has their own page there with city-specific info.