Uber not showing all my trips for today?

Mine too.. last 4 trips recorded but not in earnings.. whats going on.. i sent a few emails butno respond yet.. im in boston


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I am missing three trips in my pay statement from today - they show in my summary and trips but not my pay statement. I am in phoenix.


Same here... Showing only 2 trips out of the 8 I made today in my earnings statement. One was a $$$ during a 3x surge. Yet all of them appear in my trip logs/maps and I have screenshots of the way bills.


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Same here. 5 trips today. One in the early afternoon is appearing in both areas. 4 evening trips are NOT appearing in my statement. I've got screenshots galore so I'm sure, if it's not resolved by tomorrow without emailing them, that a few dozen emails will get it resolved :wink:


Yup same here, my trips are missing starting Thursday 27th to after midnight Friday 28th :frown:

Update: Now it shows missing previous trips (one at a time and still waiting for 5 more missing trips to show up)!! I did the math based on my screenshots and amounts are correct but none of the $5 cancelled trips aren't showing. Hope this will show with rest of my missing trips.
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