Uber needs to understand Traffic


As I stated Uber needs to understand Traffic doing Food deliveries I had a few customers crying about me being late bring the food to them. Well, I am in Clearwater, Florida and we have what we call Snow Birds all the northerners are here until the snow melts up north and then they go back North and the traffic is Bumper to Bumper here plus we have Spring Break so there is traffic every place. I had a delivery out at the beach last week it took me 45 minutes to get across the bridge. So uber needs to get a grip on with the Ratings. My 2 Cents!


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Well we have Snow Birds also here in Mineasota. It sure is fun to watch them drive up from Florida, Texas or whatever warm state they spent the winter in. Then they drive into every ditch, parked car, stop light and freeway barrier when we get a late season frost on the road causing bumper to bumper traffic and stopping traffic on the freeway for hours.

Why can they not just stay in the center of the country? Brother I feel your pain..... I hate Snow Birds.....


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Here's a better thing to do, ignore your rating.
Don't even look at it.

I had 100% rating, uber rewarded me by giving me zero boost and zero promotion.
So, rating doesn't matter. Ignore it.