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Uber Nears $2 Billion in Revenue, Expects IPO in 18-24 Months

Disgusted Driver

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Yeah, except she got one thing wrong. Giver the sr fee, increased splits, etc... Uber is getting more than 20% of the revenue, more like 26 or 28% so this genius will show it as exceding expectations and only help them pump it up more.


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SEC is going to destroy Ubernomics and send Uber back to rewrite it's IPO bid at least 5 times.
Yellow Journalism loves Ubernomics.
Wall Street not so much.


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More Public Relations. 1 1/2 to 2 years of blue sky. Uber has nothing but a dispatch app that is easily cloned, and a privatization, deregulation agenda which is going to impoverish drivers with low rates in most cities. The whole idea that a "dispatch app" makes you a technology company that can ignore taxi regulations is absurd. Can't wait to Short (sell) Uber if it ever dares to go public.