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Andrew Thun

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Do any of you use Uber's baked in Navigation? I use it primarily because I don't like switching between apps.

The other day I was using it during a poopoo ride and will NEVER use it on pool again.

First off, I have given up the fight against pool. I have been defeated and am resorting to handing out lower ratings for cheap pax.

The other night I pick up a pax heading from the Carmel MT area, her destination was University heights. Like a dumb a$$ I followed the GPS and my first indication that something was off was when the nav had me continue on the 15 instead of the 163. And it was taking me to the 52 I assume to cut back to either the 163 or the 805, however as we sat in traffic we got a second ping! Which amazingly (insert sarcasm here) was in the exact direction we were heading.

So we pick up pax #2 because I refuse to give a private ride to a cheap a$$ who refuses to pay $2 extra for one. And we head out again, and this is where Uber lost me, we finaly get on the 805 heading south and it takes me on the Murray Ridge exit not to actually take said exit, no, we then get right back on the freeway!! WTF Uber?

Needless to say, my rating got a hit from the pax who was too cheap to get a private ride.

Btw, it took her an hour to go less than 20 miles!

San Diego X

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Perfect example of the Pax punishing the driver instead of Uber.

You get poorly rated and possible complaints about your driving to Uber corporate, while the party at fault for the poor service is Uber itself!

Amazing deflection of guilt, reminds me of a corrupt politician...not to name names. :wink:


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Totally understand.

This OFF the freeway then right back ON the freeway is one
of the most infuriating things about the navigation.

I don't know if this is an Uber problem, a Google problem,
or a Waze problem, but this has GOT to be fixed.

It's not bad if you have a really good idea ahead of time
exactly where you are headed to, but if you don't, or
lose focus and stop paying attention for a couple of
minutes, Uber's Nav rewards you with a humiliating
ride that makes you look like a moron.

It happens ALL the time, and sometimes MULTIPLE
times on one trip.


Why is the IN-Car nav on my Prius 10x better than
than the navigation tools for a 60 billion dollar 'tech'


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I have had a couple of incidents going from Downtown to North County where the GPS wanted me to get off at every freeway exit and then return back on the freeway again....very frustrating...


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To avoid this I always get the breakdown of the ride in google maps.
Plan for the battle and win the war.
I guess it's a good thing I don't have the option to use Uber Navigation in my settings.


my worst experience was when I had to go to CBX and the I didn't know where it was but someone told me it was off the 905. Uber Map led me past the 905 and straight into Tijuana. I had to pull off last freeway stop and the passengers were fuming and got the directions on their phone. It was my first week driving and it was an uncomfortable ride.