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Uber must really be desperate for pax (3.68* rating)

John M Santana

Active Member
Hitting the road this morning, on the LIE westbound --- target either Hempstead or Long Beach --- got pings for 45+ minute rides, scheduled trips, with long pickup drives (Gold Coast areas). Not all that unusual, until ... pax ratings of 4.50, 4.33, and --- the best one yet! --- 3.68! I wish I had had enough time to screenshot that one especially. How does a pax consistently receive such low ratings and still allowed to request rides??? Uber would have deactivated a driver with such low ratings, no?

And, no, declined each one of these, because (1) no surge attached to 45+ minute ride, especially with it being rush-hour; (2) I don't pick up anyone more than 8-10 minutes away (12, at most, if a tasty enough surge attached); (3) North Shore dark, winding and poorly-lit roads with poor signage; (4) no way in hell am I picking up anyone below 4.80 (no less than 4.70 if a tasty enough surge attached, but none after 9 PM).


New Member
I've picked up two passengers with ratings of 4.5, 4.3. Shortly after picking them up I realized they seemed like perfectly nice people. I just asked them if they knew their ratings were as low as they were and they both told me it was because they used Uber/Lyft in NYC. Whatever that means, I don't know, but they both mentioned NYC so it must have something to do with it. Personally, I like to judge people for myself and very rarely pay attention to ratings. One other time I picked someone up with a low rating and she stunk, I mean really bad. It was cold out that night. After I dropped her off I opened all four windows and drove with the windows down for about a half an hour.

Signal Twenty

Active Member
...because they used Uber/Lyft in NYC...
Do drivers in the city downrate riders easily (I’m sure there’s a lot of confusion and missed rides/waiting time)? It kinda makes sense that they would, knowing that a rider will likely take multiple rides a day and will probably not catch on to the driver who downrated them in order to give a retaliatory rating.