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Uber modifies incentives for UberEATS in Canberra to make them easier to achieve

Jack Malarkey

Well-Known Member
Today (Tuesday 15 August 2017), Uber sent the following email to Canberra drivers who have registered for UberEATS deliveries:

More achievable incentives on UberEATS

Hi Jack,

We have heard your feedback and listened! We will now be running incentives that are more achievable for partners delivering with UberEATS.

We are committed to making UberEATS a platform where you can enjoy flexibly earning money.

As always, keep an eye on the Promotions Hub in the Driver app to see what's happening around you!


Refer your friends and earn!

Need some tips for smooth deliveries?
Pickups and drop-offs with UberEATS are a bit different than uberX, so check out a step-by-step walkthrough using the link below.

If you have any questions, you can phone us on 1800 861 723 or visit us in the Canberra Greenlight Hub.