Uber MeetUp (August 2016)


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Hi Everyone!

After messaging with NewTotThis about time and location, I think Capitol City Brewing Company is the best bet! Date will be Tuesday, August 2nd, 5-7 pm. Good drinks, food and parking is available! It would have been almost impossible to decide with multiple options given, so for now let's decide on this location and time, and for the future metope we could always get more suggestions and such!

I know this will be on a Tuesday during rush hour, the worst time in my opinion to be driving anyway! I personally NEVER drive during this time. Traffic from hell! I would love to meet all of you, get a break from driving, know in person other Uber drivers, exchange stories and learn from one another. If you do come, please don't drink and Uber afterwards, if you know you will be having multiple drinks, Uber there yourself, just don't take pool, and make sure you tip your driver! Ha. :smiles: I just want us to be in a safe environment and have fun.

Really looking forward to Tuesday evening. Come hungry and thirsty my friends. :smiles:

Address is:

Capitol City Brewing Company
Village at Shirlington
4001 Campbell Ave · (703) 578-3888
Open until 1:00 AM
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