Uber marketing: These drivers give their insights on driving after a few weeks


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image.jpg image.jpg This rideshare gig has a certain appeal on the outside looking in. These drivers share their real thoughts.
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First Monday without Select and no surge. Tried to stay on Lyft, but y'all know how that goes. I took NINETEEN (19) trips today, used about $20 in gas and made a net after fuel (not including mileage depreciation) of..... $73.
I am used to taking only about 7 trips per day and making twice that. Time to retire from Fuber.

This is some BS!!! I was online driving for 8.5 hours also. I made $8.59 /Hr

Hurry everyone!! sign up fast!! life-changing money!!!
This was 11 trips on Uber and 8 trips on Lyft .
Made more on Lyft, only because of a longer trip, tips non existent today.