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Uber: Making it easier to switch between navigation apps

Jack Malarkey

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From Uber’s weekly newsletter of Wednesday 3 July 2019 (‘On the Road in Canberra’):

Making it easier to switch between navigation apps

While Uber Navigation simplifies the trip experience by allowing you to stay within the app from trip request to drop-off, we know that there are some situations where driver-partners prefer to use other navigation apps.

So we’ve added a feature to Uber Navigation that allows you to switch to other navigation apps with just one tap.

We encourage you to always take care while interacting with your phone.

To learn more about navigation, re-listen to our February [2019] Podcast.

Jack Malarkey

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This is what the new feature to switch navigation apps easily looks like:


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You can set the Uber app so it immediately goes into turn-by-turn instructions. This reduces the need to touch the phone to activate the navigation function.

(Help then App Settings then Navigation)


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You can set the speed above the limit for which you receive speed alerts.

(Help then App Settings then Speed Limit)
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