Uber/Lyft in PA


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i went for my PennDot inspection today and they don't want to pass me because my rotors are scored. I know this, I knew it when I changed my pads last but in terms of safety there's no real concern. I'm not going to pay $500 for new pads and 2 new rotors when the pads are still perfectly fine. If I switch to Nj market (where is drive 99% of the time) that issue is eliminated. I do get a lot of rides into Philly so my question is will uber and Lyft still send me pings?


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I drive NJ primarily. I once picked up a guy at EWR and dropped him off in a suburb right outside of Philly. Immediately after closing out the ride I started receiving Uber pings and yet I have no PennDot stickers on my car. I knew then I could take PA rides if I wanted even though I usually only drive NJ. Just some food for thought. :smiles:


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I got pings this Spring without PennDot. This was in the suburbs of Philly and Philly.

Both Lyft and Uber.


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I'm a Philly, PA market driver. I never had to take my car in for inspection.

all I needed to do was take pics of my inspection stickers and email them in.