Uber/Lyft Hall of Shame


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I nominate Valerie on Lyft, has a 4.9 rating. Cancelled on me on a 250% PrimeTime Lyft Plus fare after 4 minutes (was praying that cancel wouldn't come through). To add insult to injury, no cancel fee and Lyft support shot down request for fee.

Five minutes later...she pings me again at Lyft Plus base rate. I would hit "No Thanks" but Lyft has not copycatted on that yet.


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I'd have accepted, drive there, entertain for 5 mins, called her since lyft requires and then cancel no show. All if you had the time of course. I'm surr you were already close since you already drive for 4 mins on the first ping.


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I would have accepted, drove there, locked my doors and waited until they tried opening the door then roll down the window and laughed in their face.


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Although I've only done it once, I don't begrudge drivers who cancel on a pax due to surge going higher. This pax hurt you in two ways. One, she denied you a fare that she reneged on. Two, she wasted four minutes of your time that you would have used to either accept or deny other trip requests.