Uber, Lyft Drivers Torn as California Law Could Reclassify Them

Cold Fusion

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In a survey of more than 500 Uber and Lyft drivers this month, about 70% reported being “extremely” or “very” satisfied with their experience on the platform, according to RBC Capital Markets. Many drivers sign up as a side gig to other jobs. Uber said 92% of its drivers work fewer than 40 hours per week, while 45% drive fewer than 10 hours.


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RBC sounds like one of those stock broker cheerleaders...ahem..."we have a price target of $58 for Uber in the not too distant future..."

They'll do or say anything to move the price up so they can sell and get out. Of course, when the price then retreats to $33...guess who's ready to buy back in? Pump n Dump, watch, repeat.