Uber/Lyft & autonomous (self-driving) cars. Good for them. Bad for drivers.

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Lyft making a big play for the self-driving market with it's partnership with GM.


Some interesting quotes:
-The partnership also marks Lyft’s boldest declaration yet that it intends to operate with self-driving cars in the future.

-In October, GM said that autonomous fleets of its electric Chevy Volts would be on the road in 2017.

..and from other sources:
-General Motors Co. is betting $500 million that ride-hailing services such as Lyft Inc. will be crucial to the future of autonomous-driving vehicles and the transformation of an industry dominated by car ownership. WSJ, 1/4/16

-Founded in June 2012, Lyft has 700 employees and 315,000 active contract drivers in 190 cities. Taking the driver out of the equation would go a long way toward reducing Lyft’s payroll." Industry Week, 1/4/16

-GM plans to have an autonomous fleet of its electric-powered Volts ferrying riders on its campus in Warren, Mich., later this year. Industry Week, 1/4/16

And this should be particularly alarming, especially in cities flooded with too many drivers on both platforms who are finding it difficult to even make minimum wage:

-John Zimmer, president and co-founder of Lyft, told CNBC today that the rental cars would allow potential recruits whose own cars do not meet Lyft's qualifications to work as Lyft drivers. "We actually have thousands and thousands of signups for individuals whose cars don't qualify," he said. "Whether it's a year requirement or the size of the vehicle. We can now market to those individuals who have already applied but didn't have the right car. As well as let people know that this is a really great income-earning opportunity, whether or not you have a car." Industry Week, 1/4/16

And with every pax I drop off or every ride I take, I help these two companies fund my demise as a driver.

In the end...Good for them. Bad for drivers.
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