Uber loses license to operate in London, UK.......thoughts?


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Love it!

Uber is the posterboy for corporate anarchy. This is pushback by elected representatives of the people of London.

With Facedrive launching, if they are more ethical and respectful of the jurisdiction in which they operate, then maybe Toronto politicians can use them as leverage and force Uber into some employment standards and maybe even get some tax revenue out of them. If Uber doesn't like it let them walk. Passengers and drivers will only have to change their app.


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Let this be an example to all Uber drivers out there. Uber is NOT Tinder. It's a BUSINESS. Be professional, make your money. Don't screw it up for the rest of us. If you do commit a crime I hope you're punished to the furthest extent of the law, while I take all your pings.


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Most of the Uber drivers are Muslim, that's why most of the crimes happened to be by Muslims. In India, you will find Hindu drivers doing crimes coz they are the majority, think hard before coming to a conclusion Contra
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uber fool

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What about Catholic priest there not Muslim and they always get caught with kids. Why so many bad apples there. Why does the child molester section in prison look like a Trump rally. So many bad apples
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Samson Haile is Eritrean refugee, who described himself as a devout Christian who did not believe in sex before marriage at his trial
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Read the article it was a scathing article on Uber this sums it up.