Uber London loses licence to operate

Sam D

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From the article

"It finally draws a line in the sand to make it clear that no company, however big and powerful, will be allowed to flout our laws and regulations or jeopardise Londoners' safety without facing serious consequences."

My take ...

Yeah ! Only our law makers, politicians, and rich bankers are allowed to flout our laws ...everyone else pays the price! Typical.

I do think in general there are some things to fix that are important ... ride sharing is still young


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The so called "black cabs" in London used to be the only ones allowed to work in central London.You need a special license, which is 10 times harder than the hard card that cabs here need.Too many streets there very narrow and Uber drivers just don't fit in the picture anymore.


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Thank God you posted this here, I was worried there'd be a single sub-forum where it hadn't been spammed. :rolleyes:


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I'll just leave this here...


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Part on the background checks that are failing are reports that Migrant uber drivers have raped passengers -

which the problems over there with rape and migrants is a huge issue -

anyway .. here is an interesting article from July - http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-london-war-immigration-2017-7?r=UK&IR=T

Where the fudge does it say anything about uber drivers raping riders in that article? It's British pale skinned cab drivers vs non pale migrant uber drivers taking customers, period.

Now in chicago, your pimp (uber) needs you to work the streets (drive) picking riders (johns)
Friday night. Didn't even give you boost ( give you the white powder) , how you gonna do that job without getting high (boost)?