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Am I understanding this correctly? You think Uber drivers should protest the CEO buying an expensive house?

Sorry dude, that's dumb as hell. If that's the precedent you're going to set, I guess Apple employees should protest Tim Cook or Tesla employees should protest Elon Musk. These people are CEO's. And yes, they're rich. Who cares? They've made the decision in life to pursue material success and did it. And the companies that hired them willingly gave them a sh!t-load of money. That's their business. Not yours.

Edit: Oh, and do the math. I love it how people say the CEO should share their wealth. The number of Uber drivers is estimated to be 1.5 - 2 million. From the figures I could find, Dara Khosrowshahi is paid somewhere between $184 million - $200 million per year. Let's say he gave his entire salary to his drivers. With the conservative numbers, that's somewhere in the range of $133 a year. Would you really care if you got an extra $133 per year from Uber? How many rides do you give a year? I gave about 3000 in the 9 months I was full time. Let's say a full timer does only 2000, just to be conservative. Spread that $133 out and it comes to $0.15 more per ride.

Yeah, sorry, don't care. If Dana Khosrowshahi steers Uber in the right direction, it means I get to keep earning money - more than $133 a year, that's for sure. Heaven knows where Uber would be in a few years had Travis Kalanick stayed in.
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Don't do it! Protesting in front of someone's house is extremely out of bounds. After Tucker Carlson's wife was terrorized by a mob outside their house, the public is now primed to take a very dim view of such tactics and is ready to use deadly force to repel what can and will be percieved as a riot bent on destruction.