Uber life in Atlanta


What is it like on St. Patrick’s Day? In Baltimore, I could make $300.
(If I recall correctly: )
Starting at about 6:30 PM, I made a about $220 the year before last driving until 1:00. Last year, I made about $180 driving until 12:30. It was probably a better night, but destinations kept taking me to the wrong parts of town to make good money.

Those were Friday and Saturday nights. I would expect it to depend partially on that night of the week that it falls on. Friday or Sat will pay better than week nights. I would expect to make less this year. It's not like New Years eve. People don't necessarily have the next day off. People go out on St Patrick's day, but it's not huge here.

However, it is a Sunday, so they may start early. I'll probably start in the afternoon this time, we'll see how it goes.


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I told you bars closed at midnight. Otherwise you probably would be sitting outside the bar at 2am, still waiting to hit your $300 lotto ticket. You should be thanking me.
Y’all Uber drivers in Atlanta must hate it down there? Instead of $300, I’m going for $400.