Uber Lens Program Issues


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I've driven for uber for a year. I've had a nearly 5 star rating. No blemishes on my DMV record. No issues known as of now. Then my app told me I needed to contact support. My account was deactivated due to the LENS program which tells them when someone has a bad record. I haven't any blemishes, so why would I get deactivated? There's no real way to contact the lens program and DMV abstracts show nothing out of the ordinary. So what did I do wrong under the new program or laws? Maybe someone has an idea?


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Every year, U/L will run another background check on drivers to see if anything shady comes back. They are quick to deactivate drivers without really providing any real information. I am not sure what the LENS program is but advice would be to go to a Greenlight Hub and talk to someone. They can usually give more information on what was flagged and maybe even get it fixed for you.

I had an issue when I started driving, they said there was an issue with SSN. Nobody at support would tell me anything, went to a GLH and they asked me "Did you change your social security number?". LOL Idiots put my SSN in wrong when they ran another background check, back on the road 24 hours later.


Same thing happened to me. UBER started receiving notifications from NY LENS this year. The problem was that I had a DWI eight years ago and LENS goes back ten years, UBER only looks back seven years. I was deactivated the same time as you. I had to submit my driver abstract to prove nothing changed on my license. I submitted requests via email and the hub before I finally was reactivated today, three weeks later. IDK if they fixed the issue system wide or on a case by case basis.