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Uber launches quiet mode for uber black


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Can i get a mode where the passenger doesnt go "so how long you been doing uber?"



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Hello I am a super nobody and ride Uber exclusively. By that I mean I exclude people and things as I ride the 4.5 blocks to my ultra exclusive destination and I do so with the smug satisfaction that for this brief moment I have power to lord over someone. I am not excited for Uber mute. For one I ride UberX at best but mostly pool and second It is not fair for the drivers....to have any sort of warning as to the soul crushing and dehumanizing James Spader impersonation about to be unleashed upon them. This offers me little chance to rate them worse then a hot dog factory bathroom floor. Please don't take away the one thing keeping me from facing myself. Signed Steve "I know this is your car but I run the show loser" Drosser


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Its not hard to tell if someone wants to chat or not. If a passenger got in said hello and then said something like "hey ive had a long day. Iam going to just look out the window" or "do you mind if we don't talk" or anything polite like that I would have no problem.
I had a a Gaslamp club girl get in and declare "I give any driver that tries to talk to me 1 star just to warn you"
I said "Whats your name again?" I had not stared the ride yet. She gives the correct name however, I replied "This isn't the Uber for you." and cancel the ride.


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This will help us weed out the assholes, LOL. Nice new feature, yeeha! Thanks Uber for your never ending stupidity. I thought smart people works in SF. Apparently you only hire stupid people who couldn't get an intern job anywhere else. Congrats, you morons!