Uber just fired me with 500+ 5 stars??? Glad I got fired, uber is a rip off! Do'nt respect drivers! Do the math, not making min. wage. Car wothless.


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Floods market with drivers, does not pay enough. My car is worthless with 155.000 m. & I owe more than it's worth. Work for cash now!!!!

155,000 miles and ONLY have 500 5 stars???

Jesus no wonder they cut you off. Like taking a gangrenous leg off to save the life of the body.

At 155,000 miles I had over 5000 rides total and more than 4400 5 stars...of all rides including those that didn't rate at all....


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So the OP got deactivated after about less than 1000 rides, owes more on his car than he can afford to.pay and yet, Were the Suckers???

Mind you, he said he got fired....clearly didnt understand that he was not en employee of Ubers....yet we are the suckers.


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Honestly at this point I realize that at least financially I would be far better off working at McDonalds than driving rideshare. The money would be about the same but my expenses would be $300 - $700 less per month.
I've heard that once you've been driving for uber nobody else will hire you. I guess a lot of people will have the opportunity to find that out soon. Gas prices keep going up and Uber pays less and less.