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Uber is working with Toyota to create a vehicle and system that is built for ride-sharing

Discussion in 'News' started by just_me, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. just_me

    just_me Well-Known Member

    ''Toyota is working with Uber and other partners to develop a new self-driving shuttle service.
    By Johana Bhuiyan@JMBooyah Jan 8, 2018, 5:27pm EST


    Toyota e-Palette concept shuttle

    Toyota is developing an all-electric, driverless shuttle that will be used specifically for commercial services in partnership with major players like Amazon, Didi, PizzaHut — and Uber.

    Working with one of the world’s largest car manufacturers on a commercial autonomous service is a significant opportunity for each of these companies, but it could also represent a new kind of self-driving relationship for the ride-hail company.

    Aside from Toyota, which invested in Uber in May 2016, Uber is also working with Volvo and Daimler on driverless cars. Those relationships represent opposite sides of a spectrum of possible business models. Uber’s work with Toyota may fall somewhere in between.

    As it exists today, Uber’s relationship with Volvo entails agreeing to buy 24,000 cars which will be outfitted with the ride-hail company’s proprietary self-driving technology and software. With Daimler, the agreement is simply that the German automaker will leverage Uber’s ride-hail network.

    Toyota’s relationship with Uber is somewhere in the middle. As with Volvo, Uber will integrate its own end-to-end self-driving tech into these shuttles. But like their deal with Daimler, Uber acts as an open platform for a manufacturer’s vehicles, though it’s still unclear which company will ultimately own the cars.

    Uber said it decided to incorporate its own self-driving technology instead of using Toyota’s because that allowed them a better sense of how quickly it could deploy its software, according to Jeff Miller, its head of business development. That stands in contrast to how Uber worked with Daimler, a partnership that relied on the carmaker’s self-driving tech.

    Unlike both deals, Uber expects to have a certain degree of control over the in-car experience with Toyota’s shuttle, according to Miller.

    “Creating a custom cockpit that is designed around our rider experience is unique,” he told Recode. “There’s not a single [self-driving car] in the world today that’s purpose built with ride-share in mind.”

    It’s unusual for a car company to relinquish control over its in-car experience. Many have feared becoming metal benders for tech companies hungry to control customer engagement. But that’s not how Miller thinks of Toyota.

    “Uber certainly does not see [Toyota] as a metal bender,” he said. “There’s a lot of exploration to be done about what the business model that undergirds this platform will be.”

    Some questions left to be sorted — aside from which entity will own the vehicles — include who will own the charging infrastructure, fleet operations and maintenance, and which entity will provide which technologies.

    “Uber has an open mind,” he said. “As does Toyota. I would hate to get specific now and limit the areas of exploration.”

    But as Toyota works with more ride-hail competitors (and Uber’s competitors consolidate, such as Didi’s recent acquisition of Brazilian rival 99), differentiating the vehicles operating on the network is increasingly important.

    Uber’s big advantage, Miller contends, is that the company is designing the self-driving technology that is going into the cars, and it’s specifically designed around ride-sharing.

    “Having bespoke autonomy systems for ride-sharing is a huge advantage to us,” he said. “The use cases that we’re developing around and testing every day are in the ride-sharing context, which is different than an automaker.”

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  2. Blatherskite

    Blatherskite Well-Known Member

    Plateau of Leng
    e-Palette. I like that they don't beat around the bush with the name. The name is suggestive of how one ships inanimate objects. Are the robots going to even bother with coffins or just stack us like cord wood?
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  3. llort

    llort Well-Known Member

    If that thing gets t-boned, its gonna pop like a light bulb.
  4. uberdriverfornow

    uberdriverfornow Well-Known Member

    lol classic Uber
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  5. just_me

    just_me Well-Known Member

    The lazy Uber Eats customers would actually have to go outside to meet the delivery vehicles.
  6. Chris1973

    Chris1973 Well-Known Member

    Fort Worth
    That and the incompetent restaurant help would have to pay attention and walk outside as well on a tight schedule. Clearly this is a fail. It was stupid freaking drones last year, now SD electric cars making food deliveries? Anything to keep that sweet overseas venture capital money coming in I guess.
  7. heynow321

    heynow321 Well-Known Member

    They are running out of suckers.
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  8. getawaycar

    getawaycar Active Member

    the beach
    LOL are those people actually standing? No seat belts or air bags? Looks like a rolling death trap. The people are squeezed in there like sardines. Looks very uncomfortable to have to stand up for the whole trip, not to mention dangerous with no safety or comfort features. You'd be more comfortable, and a lot safer on a regular city bus. But I guess that's what they gotta do to make their dumb model business work from a financial standpoint.

  9. unPat

    unPat Well-Known Member

    It’s just buzz and publicity. They ordered 10k Mercedes in 2015, ordered Volvo in 2017 and now a partnership with Toyota. Next it will be bmw.
  10. RedANT

    RedANT Well-Known Member

    SEA & MCO
    I'd gladly sacrifice my Uber "earnings" to sit on the side of the road and watch this roll by...

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  11. Buckiemohawk

    Buckiemohawk Well-Known Member

    They don't get it. This things with items from amazon and other retailers will becomes the new target of criminals.
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  12. Rakos

    Rakos Well-Known Member

    Tampa Bay

    You've just stumbled...

    Upon the answer...8>O

    COMBINE Amazon and Uber...

    A vehicle that delivers...

    BOTH people and packages...

    Vehicle shows up...

    Delivery door opens...

    You get ur package....

    Then jump in and...

    Off to your evening dinner...8>)

  13. just_me

    just_me Well-Known Member

    The news is traveling:
    "Introducing the first Pizza Hut fully autonomous delivery concept vehicle. Excited for our future with @Toyota #CES2018[​IMG]


    • 9:58 AM - 8 Jan 2018"


    Notice how some of the people replying want drones to transport their wings to them. (Translation: 'We're too lazy to go outside and meet the pizza van.') ;)
  14. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Well-Known Member

    But flying planes are coming by 2019 they said... why are they still building buses?
  15. RedANT

    RedANT Well-Known Member

    SEA & MCO
    I'm pretty sure that flying planes have been a reality for quite some time. :)

    They're still building busses because Uber's plan to dominate public transportation has failed.
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  16. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Well-Known Member

    Flying car planes*
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  17. TwoFiddyMile

    TwoFiddyMile Well-Known Member

    It's a bus. My congrats to Toyota for developing a 100 year old invention!
  18. uberdriverfornow

    uberdriverfornow Well-Known Member

    lol these comments are nothing short of amazingly great :)
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  19. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Well-Known Member

    Nothing beats when Lyft tried “inventing” the HOV lane.
  20. Arb Watson

    Arb Watson Well-Known Member

    Sweet Uber will partner with Amazon and paxes will deliver packages while they are enroute.

    Pax will receive a discount from Amazon on their next order.
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