Uber is trying to get me back into the drivers seat again.....


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They knew how much I hated those new icons on my phone....... just a few days after I stopped driving..... the icons magically changed back to the original ones.....

I'm not falling for your trickery Goober........ it's gonna take a lot more than that to get me back!

(by the way..... I did get an email from them asking why I haven't driven in a while.... I sent back a reply about the ridiculous rates and awful service from support....... the response I got was epic and only solidified how awful the CS department really is...... It was something to do with the wrong % multiplier being used on all of my previous 978 trips (I have no idea where this response came from) I played with them for a few more emails until they gave up :-) )


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When they sent me the "why did you stop driving?" email I replied "because I can do simple math and you are the only ones making life changing money"

never heard back.