UBER IS STEALING (SF Surge Now, No surge 2 driver)

surging right now in sf, pax is paying $1.18 a mile we are getting base. EVERYBODY WAKE UP. WE NEED TO STRIKE AND NOW OR THIS WILL CONTINUE. WAKE THE @@@@ UP.

Fermented Fruit

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That's a 1.3X!
Strange. Right now I went to where it's a $1 surge & rider app has base rate.
When I put the request where it is a $2.50 surge it is $1.18/mile, a 1.3X.

But this has been going on since the new surge. So do you have the organizing skills to herd a bunch of cats with shitty attitudes? Real question, not a sarcastic dismissal. If u really want it, u have to figure out how to do it. Idk. I'm not being negative. I sincerely don't know.

& while ur talking to 100s of drivers this week to get the strike momentum going, will u ask them all to please stop blocking traffic.

If u get the momentum going I promise I won't be one of the scabs driving. For a short while anyways. I don't want to become homeless. My economic power is low.

Now I put it where there is a $4.25 surge. Rider is at 1.8X.