Uber is not available for international trips


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Uber is not available for trips across the US border into Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rides still can call Lyft if need go to Canada.


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Why would you want to go across the border? Where ever you end up in Canada, it's all dead mile on the way back plus having to sit in Customs again....be thankful they are doing you a favor.

If you want, give me your phone number because if I get a trip to canada, I'll call you and you can take it.


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Would you be expected to carry your passport around? I think Uber doesn't pay enough to be transporting drug mules across the border.

A monumental headache at the least. If you must, drive somebody to the border at rainbow bridge and let them walk across and call somebody else on the other side.

Remember, you never have to accept a fare. If you get there and they want to go somewhere you don't, tell them sorry, and blame it on lyft/border not telling us where we are going first.


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International? Really? You mean that Canada isn't actually another suburb of Buffalo? :p


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For anybody that has driven in Canada since Uber started blocking Canadian drop-offs, does Uber allow Upstate-NY drivers to do pickups anywhere in Canada? If so, where? Drivers in north-east NYS would probably like to pickup in Montreal.