Uber is My Pimp and I'm It's Ho!!!


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The Uber Machine doesn't care anything about me although I sweat for it like a dog drive all hours here there everywhere. I threw away my pride and ego and signed away any rights that I could have by signing the new agreement. Then I use their new low how low can you go rates to give my cudomers a cheap ride thrill.

Then when my customers grin and say golly gee Uber is great isn't it? I grin back and say yes its great I just leave out the part that drivers are legalized and demoralized slave aholics with no bill of rights as drivers. That we realize we are in a supply and demand business. With drivers everywhere there is a need to reduce the number of drivers so daddy uber tries very hard to make us go away voluntarily but most of us we just hang on. Send me some customers so I can Pimp My Ride!!!