Uber is like that game Tamagotchi, except you take care of a car


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Remember that game where you take care of a digital pet?

Well, Uber is the same except you take care of a car instead of a digital pet.

With Uber, your car will always need something:
- Car wash
- Oil change
- Brake job
- Insurance
- Tire rotation
- Tire change
- Alignment
list goes on

It will be a challenge keeping up. People love challenges. You will learn all about taking care of a car on a ridiculously low budget, while providing a service to strangers, maintaining a rating, your sanity, etc, and you won't be able to take care of anything else, because you won't have the money, time or energy to. That is the Uber challenge. Again, people love challenges.

Eventually you will throw the game away when you realize it is pointless.