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Uber is Killing Select

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by fasteddy99, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Has anybody noticed the Select rides have dropped dramatically ever since Uber showed the price comparisons along side each other on the rider app?
    That is poor marketing. I spoke to a guy who owns many prominent restaurants in LA who uses "Market Price" all the time for high end food. He said if you showed the price along the cheap food nobody would buy the high end stuff.
    Ditto we have the same issue here, showing the price without showing any benefit along with showing the low price for the perceived same thing is poor marketing and won't work.
    Perhaps they should Click to find the price but Don't show it side by side, that is Killing Select. I wonder if anybody in Uber has realized this?
  2. Hi, I'm Uber X. Have me met?
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  3. Retaliation to the guy who exposed TK on that video.

    Remember, you are here to replace the bus, not the limo.
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  4. Gooberlifturwallet


    On the new passenger upgrade it has moved Uber select and Black off the page so you have to swipe it to the left to even know they exist. It is true they are trying to get rid of higher-end cars and drivers. 4db192745b829.preview-699.jpg
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  5. Pesty


    San Diego, Ca
    I drive select more because I want to drive a cool safe car and spoil the first timers. Im not taking a chance of getting t-boned in a Prius by an uninsured mexi driving an f150 that renders your feet useless.

    The added bonus is I don't get the 5 minute timeout after 3 refused pool pings.
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  6. BurgerTiime


    Uber kills all their brands. They now make UberX as default when you open the app. They've killed Uber Black and all other models but X. Next it will default to UberPool and they will screw UberX. This company knows very well how to kill margins. I would be so pissed as an investor. They are running the cheapest most unprofitable business model.
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  7. The money is on bus fare guys, not the rich.

    Lol, Steve-o!
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