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Uber is keeping 25% of our fares

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Megan5093, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. gonchys

    gonchys Active Member

    los angeles
    All good man, I respect you for been a driver.This companies are terrible the way they manipulate people.Its like the Scientology, they let you in and then you cant get out. My apologies for the uneducated.
  2. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    Can't get out? It's called don't turn app on. That's how you get out.
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  3. JTR

    JTR Active Member

    Uber math? 20%,25% correct... reality up to 51%;) simply delete uber app and smile:)
  4. driver5000

    driver5000 Well-Known Member

    They Always Have did You Not Notice Your nice weekly Bonus? That returns almost all Your fees, so dont complain.
  5. driver5000

    driver5000 Well-Known Member

    How So ? Explain how 25% is really 60% thats dont make sense????

  6. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    There's actually 2 things that contribute to getting a lower cut.

    with the booking fee, short fares can hit an excess of 50% going to uber.

    $5.50 min trip
    -1.85 (booking fee)

    3.65 X .75=

    2.73/5.50= 49%

    The other way is far slimier with up front pricing.

    Passenger gets charged 12.84
    You are told the passenger was charged 10.17


    X .75

    $6.24/ 12.84= 48%
  7. stephan

    stephan Active Member

    Worcester ma
    Uber taking 25 percent plus base or ride fees which is $1.7 to $2 depond on the area, if the the ride fare show in your app 4$ , actually it 5.7$ or 6$ , you got 3$ , uber take 50 percent. If the fare was 10$ ,actually it's 11.7 or 12$ ,brief ,uber taking from 30 percent to 50 percent, the more ride is short the more percentage they took is higher. 4 pax all the times expecially on weekend$ ,we compete with busses , 4 pax $1.5 each, 6$ ,the cub charge 10$-30$ uber charge 5.7$ - 10$ , the price goes up to 1/3 . without considering uber ghost pourcentage. ..think twice before driving, if you are in a town or area which is the rate are no less $1.2 and 25 cents per min , do not drive ,just you kill your car , you have to spend 10$ gas to get 50$ , car maintenance is 35-45 cents a mile including gas . After uber deductions if you get 1$ a mile, that's 70 cent - 35 or 45 cent maintenance, you get 35 cents left or left ,- TAX, May be you ended with 10 cents A mile, so you just destroying your car and working for free , so minimum has to be 1.2-or 1.3 and 25 cents a min , 5$ cancellation right away, or 10 $ cancellation fees after 5 min , so u can survive lol ,other than that not worth it .plus pax must Tips since the rates are very low, no tips pax is nice 4 stars, no tips pax is ok 3stars, no tips pax annoying 1 star and report and block
  8. stephan

    stephan Active Member

    Worcester ma
    It suppose you uber or you uber consumer survive to be happy because we give you free money, if all driver go to strike or go to deliver pizza or so ,uber with close right awayt,and you be jobless, so you Must be thankful for her and for uber drivers ok?

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