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Uber is keeping 25% of our fares

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Megan5093, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    If it did go lower but had a higher and longer lasting surge rate it wouldn't be so bad. In large cities I find it hard to believe that surge can come and go within 5 minutes.
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  2. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5 Well-Known Member

    No, it was just a straight fare compatible to all the taxi rates. If you talk about surge pricing then you must view if every 5th fare is a 5 times surge or if every 10th fare is a 10 times surge then just add 7.75% to your net. Most surge fares are about .5% of yearly revenue for a full time driver. Surge is a joke. It just keeps the hopeful driving.
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  3. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    If you signed up after Nov, 2015 your commission is 25%, occasionally they screw up and only take 20%.

    I'm on the border of 2 markets, 20% in one and 25 in the other. I've been fighting then in this for the entire time I've been a driver. Every so often then cut me a lump sum for the 5% but tell me it's a "one time favor" .... That I'm only entitled to the 20% in my home area.

    No, the reason the rates are kept low is to keep and inctease the market share.

    The surge has nothing to do with it. It used to surge more frequently, much bigger areas, longer, and higher multiples and the fares were higher. Uber has refined how the surge works and localized it, now instead of hundreds of Sq miles surging at once it's a few blocks.

    In my area, multiple counties used to surge at once, well over 1200 sq miles. The demand may have been 40 or 70 miles north of me but my city would surge along with the entire area and stay surging for much longer.

    It was 1.80/.30 then... I saw surge 5-6x at those rated. not at the low rates, amount of drivers and localized surge, I almost never catch a surge in my home city. If I drive a few miles south, it's a different area, South Florida/ Miami, rates are different and it is more busy. It does surge more often but nothing great. not like other used to be even with higher rates.

    Uber's goal it for anyone to get a cheap, affordable ride in minutes. That's it. Uber would be happy if there was so many drivers there was never a surge.
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  4. Newwber

    Newwber Well-Known Member

    I got that same message when I was driving last year..... I signed up in late November 2015 (just one example of my great timing) and received that exact message sometime in May 2015. I simply chalked it up to uber being a moronic bunch of idiots. Later in June, I realized I was the moron for driving for this ruthless company, and simply quit. I only visit these boards now and again when boredom overtakes me......
  5. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    Somewhat true, but they do make more off a 1x rate vs a 2x rate with no extra costs. So they do want it to surge up to a point where the pax wont consider another ride share or taxi service.

  6. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Well-Known Member

    Would any one know, I started onboarding with uber before Nov of 2015. But only recently finished and am waiting for back ground check. (but I have a background so think am gonna be ok, snicker)
    But ya think 25 or 20%?

    LoL, Sir/Mam. Now gotta ear-worm. But great tune.
  7. Do tell

    Do tell Well-Known Member

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  8. Shangsta

    Shangsta Well-Known Member

    I would rather a higher base and surge go away all together. Surge tricks drivers with the occasional amazing fare.
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  9. jfinks

    jfinks Well-Known Member

    It isn't that amazing even occasionally.
  10. Bob Reynolds

    Bob Reynolds Well-Known Member

    United States
    When it was 2.25 per mile, Uber had multiple x surges. In fact there were more surges back then than there are today.
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  11. Jesusdrivesuber

    Jesusdrivesuber Well-Known Member

    close to mongolia
    Lol, 25%?

    You poor, poor ignorant creature.

    Why don't you drive someone for 20 miles and ask them what their upfront fare was compared to yours?

    Its 40% for those who just started and 35 to those who are long time drivers.
  12. DollarStoreChauffeur

    DollarStoreChauffeur Well-Known Member

    Wide awake.
    There is a class action suit for North Carolina drivers you may want to check into. It's in the Charlotte forum.
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  13. FuberNYC

    FuberNYC Well-Known Member

    It's more like 35% for me after black car fee, taxes and fuber fees

    REX HAVOC Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, CA
    Sign up for Juno. they will be 10 percent when they go nationwide.
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  15. Shangsta

    Shangsta Well-Known Member

    They have to get marketshare first. Uber is still King in New York and it isnt even close. No point of Juno if no pax use it
  16. Steveyoungerthanmontana

    Steveyoungerthanmontana Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    How are they taking 55 percent?
  17. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    Well here;s how it can happen, first of all on very short minimum rides they are taking close to 55% in some markets.

    5.85-1.85= 4.00

    4X 75%=$3

    $3= 51% of 5.85

    So uber can take up to 51% of a trip.

    Next what Uber does is up front pricing.

    So the passenger gets a trip and is told that the price is... $9.72. Where that number comes from is a total mystery.

    At the end of the trip the driver is told that the trip is $6.18. the difference is kept by uber or $3.54.

    Take 1.85 out of the $6.18 and your at $4.33 and multiply that by 75% taking uber's cut out and your driver payout is now at $3.24 which is 33% of what the passenger is paying.

    And this is how flat rates work.
  18. UsedToBeAPartner

    UsedToBeAPartner Well-Known Member

    Houston, TX
    Here in Houston the new drivers give up 28%. Those of us old drivers are grandfathered into 20%. Every market is different so what you get raped for in your market is sometimes unique to your market. New drivers and older drivers will often be on different plans.
  19. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    In South Fl, a minimum fare trip 2.43, rider pays 5.

    I posted screenshots on another thread re upfront pricing.

    From the fontainebleau miami beach to my house in port st lucie is about 117.00 according to uber. from fontainebleau to Enterprise on belvedere in West Palm Beach (just off 95) and then Enterprise to my house it's almost $17.00 more. the difference in distance is less than a mile.

    It should be $3.00 more at the most. sry $1.70, base fare .95c maybe 1/2 mile total In distance.

    Screenshot_20170105-182328.png Screenshot_20170105-182300.png

    I did the same thing from MIA to my house and then MIA to PBIA / PBIA to my house. it was like 45 dollars difference.

    I think the airports fees are 2.50 at Pbia not sure about mia. it's not 30.00 though.
  20. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    $25.00 dollar difference . .. Screenshot_20170105-183928.png

    X would be paid about 85 .00-88.00 @25% for this trip.

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