Uber is desperate for drivers.

Are you going to refer new drivers?

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That's double your earnings for one week plus $300 per referral.

My wife received a different referral incentive.
1st referral. The standard referral
2nd referral. 1.2x the standard amount
3rd-10th. 1.4x the standard amount

Up to $4000



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At this point with the way things are now I would not refer a friend to drive for Uber because I would not do that to someone I consider my friend.

But I don't have an issue referring people who are strangers.

Back in the day (a year or two ago) referring drivers was like shooting yourself in the foot. But these days the entire Market is oversaturated and everyone knows what uber is.
People are going to sign up anyway so if I come across someone who is thinking of becoming a driver I would certainly refer them as it no longer matters if there are more drivers on the road.