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Uber Introduces UberTEENS - Uber rides for Teenagers

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Source: https://www.uber.com/info/teen/

A little help goes a long way
Now your teen can ride with Uber

Uber connects your teen to a safe, reliable ride in minutes.
They stay on the go. You stay in the know. And everyone gets more from their day.

Live Tracking
Be there from start to finish
You stay in the know when your teen rides with Uber. You get updates throughout the trip and can follow along live on the map. So no matter where you are, you’re with them every step of the way.

Experienced Drivers
A ride you can trust
Your teen will ride with experienced drivers who have received consistently high ratings from our community of riders. You'll be able to see the driver's name, photo, and vehicle details. And you can contact them if needed.

Shared Payment
Connect the whole family
With a Family Profile, you bring everyone’s rides together in one place. All trips are covered by the same payment method. And you get a receipt with full details after every ride.

How to get your teen started
1. Download the app
First things first, download the Uber app. Already have it? Please take a moment to update to the latest version.

Get the app

2. Create a Family Profile
Giving your teens access to Uber takes only a few minutes. In the app menu, tap Settings and select Add Family Profile.

3. Invite your teen to ride
You can invite any family member 13 years or older to join. They’ll receive an invitation to download the app and join your Family Profile.

Invite Your Teen

Available Cities

Teens can ride in select cities
Get details on pricing, available ride options, and service areas.



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There's no way that dude above is the father to that kid. Look at the noses...... better yet, look look at how much lighter she (daughter) is......

Yay.... I get to drive obnoxious bastards around.... and a guaranteed no tip! Joy!


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Is that any worse than the guy who lives across the street from you who peeps at your daughter's window with binoculars from behind his blinds?
they are both really bad if you ask me. but if you watch the news you see stories about Driver rapping women and breaking into houses. at least the guy across the street, you can keep an eye on him.


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Uber passenger teen 16 years old kills UBER driver in Illinois...,horrible and tragic beginning to teens allowed to UBER alone.


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It makes sense to allow teens to use uber. As long as they're quiet, it really doesn't matter at that point, although they should always travel in groups
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