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Wow, Its Sickening Fuber running a False equivalency Ad.
Sad thing is there is no Counter Uber Ad to prevent people from setting foot on Uber Trap in the first place.
Would be Uber driver need to understand whatever Fuber tells them,they are would be Cabbie making way Less money while using their own vehicle,double whammy.
Ubering is not a Job, its not a Career its a Huge exploitation of naive new drivers.Waiting to be kicked after their Driverless Cars come online.


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Bwahhhhaaaa. My wife is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at TCH and this add is just weird and dumb. She went to a large, private, east coast school for 3 years to become a PNP. I did some stuff on line, pee'd into a cup and got fingerprinted to become a driver. I think the only similarities is that I breathe while driving and so does she when she is seeing patients.

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Is always tell pax i pick up in the medical center what a great career choice uber is & give them my referral code. Uh huh.


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Just show them this add... Let them know the mistake they are making by becoming a nurse practitioner...


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And the dumbing down continues.

As you see it doesn't specifically say Uber X. Just with Uber. Also it doesn't say commerical insurance just says insurance. It isn't specific and this is why when I joined Uber last year I knew not to expect much. That the real money is with Uber Black with commerical insurance.

Like with all commericals it lets the reader form an opinion and get hyped. No one reaearches anything anymore and thus why more people will fall for anything that sounds good.


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I wonder if Uber is making those ads or if its a driver trying to get referrals.

I actually dropped out of High School to drive for Uber.


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I was working with particle physicists at CERN, but the freedom to make $20/day at my own convenience just steered me another direction. I always knew driving people around for peanuts while some snobs in Silicon Valley get rich was my true calling in life.

Uber has opened so many doors for me. Now I can buy food from McDonald's (dollar menu only), and live at my parents house for the rest of my life.

Thank you Uber!!!!!!!!


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As a single father of a young daughter, I used to live in constant, irrational fear that she would take up the profession of stripping. Now I would embrace that career choice, if she promised to never take up GUberin'.

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I used to be an evil, mad scientist bent upon world domination through mind control devices. But then I found Uber and was saved.