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Jacy Norgaard

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Where is the best place (price wise) to get an Inspection in Minneapolis? Also, I know my brake pads and rotors will likely need to be replaced, will I fail an inspection or do I need to get those fixed now? They aren't bad, just recommend by Chevy to have Front and Rear replaced.


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meineke in hopkins..25 bucks i think..and probably if they really inspect them..id replace them because thats a noise that the pax will more than likely hear and give them a reason to 1* you


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Bobby and Steve's is $35, they have a bunch of locations and throw in a car wash if you care.

I have a 2007, and rules must have changed. I thought I was done at the of the year 10, but now at least you can go to at least 2004 as long as you don't have more than 150,000 miles. You can even go into year 11 with more than 150k, but you are done at your next inspection, which in my case is 10/01/2018. At least that is how the policy reads on Lyft and the Mpls ordnance. This is more generous than I thought.
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Recommended usually means there is still life left in your brake pads. Worn pads don't just suddenly fail to stop your car. You'll hear squealing first, then you can't put it off any longer. No one here can tell you if your car will pass. The Uber and Lyft hubs here do free inspections, and I guarantee you they did not inspect my brake pads for wear. Very superficial inspection.


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Any Meinke is pretty good $25-$30. If they fail you because of the brakes if you get them fixed right away you can come back and they won't charge you again.
Side note; typically if you replace the pads early enough you won't need to replace the rotors.