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UBER Ignorance

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From UBER:
Standard crap, your rating is low, blab bla bla.
So I answered:


Jun 2, 00:21 PDT

What is minimum accepted rating by UBER and how much time do I have to improve?
I just started and in every beginning there is a learning curve, I hope you take this into consideration.

Thank you,


Khessy (Uber)

Jun 2, 00:40 PDT

Hi xxxxx,

Thanks for reaching out.

We communicate rating averages so that riders and drivers can have a general sense of the experience they are creating while in a vehicle. Your current rating is 4.55.

We can also offer some suggestions from your riders to help you receive 5 stars more frequently. We appreciate your partnership and will work to support you as you improve your rating as a driver.

To help you in improving your rating, we are asking you to take a quality improvement course. You can start taking the course by clicking here.

Please let us know if you have questions.



I answered:

Jun 2, 00:46 PDT

I was asking what is mimimum rating so that my account does not have to be at risk?




Jun 2, 01:07 PDT

Hi xxxxx,

The feedback and star system is an easy way for riders and drivers to provide feedback for one another.

At the conclusion of a trip, riders can rate their drivers from 1 to 5 stars in their app or through their receipt. Riders are not required to rate their drivers, and sometimes come back and give their feedback a bit later on when they open their app again to request another ride. You also rate your rider at the end of the trip.

For privacy reasons, you won't be able to view a specific rider’s trip rating and vice versa (riders will never be able to view your specific rating of them). The ratings you see in your Partner's Dashboard is the rating you gave for the rider, not what the rider gave you.

The rating calculated for you is the average ratings over 500 trips. With a sample size this large, your rating gives an accurate sense of how riders view your service. Also, over 500 trips, no one trip will have a significant impact on your overall rating. So please don't worry about any individual trip rating. Every driver gets an angry rider once in awhile. Instead, I recommend focusing on completing as many 5-star trips as possible.

I put together some other resources that I thought might be helpful to you:

If you have any questions about how the rating systems works, I'll be happy to help further.




Jun 2, 10:06 PDT

Can somebody actually read my question please?



[some link]

Rahul Dey

Jun 2, 13:52 PDT

Hi xxxxx,

Thanks for reaching out about ratings. This is Rahul stepping in for my colleague.

I know how important your ratings are to you and I’m happy to provide you with some resources that I hope will help.

Below are a few things that riders have told us they appreciate:

  • Use a GPS when a rider doesn’t have a preferred route. The most common reason riders complain is when their driver takes an inefficient route. Remember, the Uber Partner App has built-in GPS to make this as easy as possible for you!
  • Be friendly. Riders love drivers who are friendly and greet them with a smile.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of any trash.
  • Open the door for riders as they enter and exit the vehicle. This is an above-and-beyond way to get those five-star ratings!
I also grabbed a few additional resources for you to take a look at. This videoprovides a bit more detail on how you can be a 5-star driver and this pagegives a bit more detail on how ratings are calculated.

I hope I was able to answer your question! Let me know if I can help further.

Rahul Dey
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Here is another one.

I wrote:


Question: Hi, due to my poor experince with uberPool and because ridera are not happy to share car with somebody else or in most cases dont even know what uberPool is, and in the other hand due to unprofitability of those trips for me as a independent contractor I would like to request not to receive any uberPool requests for this car. Thank you, your Uber partner.
Sent by xxxxx
on Wednesday June 1 2016 6:53am

Their answer:

Hi xxxx

uberPOOL lets riders requesting trips along a similar route share the ride and split the cost.

uberPOOL raises earnings for drivers while lowering costs for riders. With uberPOOL, drivers spend more time on trips making money.

For more information about uberPOOL, watch this video.

Questions? Let us know.

Then I replied and never heard back again.

Thank you for very fast reply,

I understand what uberPool is, but my riders don't and it is very unprofitable for me. Many of them request uberPool because it is first option, not knowing what that means.

As a personal preference and as an independent contractor, I will like to update my vehicle class ans status to NOT be able to receive UberPool request.

Thank you again,



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What is your rating? How many rayed trips?

Generally these come after ratings fall below 4.6 and 50 or 100 rated trips


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it is 4.6 ATM and I have 66 trips.
I am going out tomorrow to get my bonus for 75 trips and I am done.
I wasn't complaining about my rating, because I think that some people rate me lower because i drive 2004 pontiac, so it is not newer car that they would prefer to have.
My point is that their CS does not even read our emails. I have few from today that I will post in a sec.
I will not take their classes as I know more then they do about driving, they are just sitting in the office( i know that drivers are giving the class but still, they don;t know what issues I have and why is my rating low(or they thought so). I had rider today that came in and told me that my rating is high, I must be a good driver :biggrin:


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Here is more from today.

From: partnersla@uber.com <partnersla@uber.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 5, 2016 6:30 PM
Subject: [Account Alert] Earn more

We noticed you're canceling more rides than most drivers. We understand that unexpected or urgent situations arise, but you're canceling trips at a very high rate. Completing more trips will mean less downtime and more money in your pocket.

Please press "go offline" if you're not in a position to complete the trips you accept. We want to make the platform work for everyone, and canceling rides makes ETAs longer for other partners and decreases earnings in Los Angeles.

High cancellation rates can lead to deactivation, so please try to complete the trips you accept.

Let us know if you have any questions.



I have NOT Cancelled single ride since I started working for UBER.

and this is what they said:

Nikita (Uber)

Jun 5, 17:14 PDT


Thanks for writing in. We are very sorry to hear you wish to leave Uber.

You are unable to go online as your account is under the process of deletion, requested from your end.

We've marked your account for deletion. The deletion process will proceed in accordance with our privacy policy.

If you have any question please let me know.




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I got few emails to review customer support, I will wait for this "Nikita" and review her properly.


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I got few emails to review customer support, I will wait for this "Nikita" and review her properly.
I've been getting requests for reviews with no name attached lately.

But they have all sucked so I just automatically give them all a bad "didn't solve my issue" rating.


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I've noticed that complaints posted to their FB page (and therefore more publicly viewed) seem to get priority responses. Maybe try that?


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I take it back, I saw a couple quick replies, then a bunch of un-addressed complaints.


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I get weekly emails about cancelations and low acceptance. It goes right into the trash bin. Sometimes I read if I'm board and need a good laugh.


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I get weekly emails about cancelations and low acceptance. It goes right into the trash bin. Sometimes I read if I'm board and need a good laugh.
Today I was at the game, and my Verizon service was bad,( like everybody's else in area) and I was deactivated for 4 minutes because of network error.
They gave us spot far away from the stadium where there was no phone service almost at all. Wasted 1 hour waiting for the game to finish then driving 20 minutes to the designed spot for ride-share, then wasn't able to get a ride at almost 4x surge because of the service. Eventually I got ride that was few miles away. I will start calling people at those events and ask them how far are they going, so they dont waste my surge pricing.

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