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Last week, I actually got a phone call (202 Area Code) from Uber. They were looking for "top partners" like me to do ice cream deliveries on a Friday between 9am and 3pm. When I told him I had to work at my day job, he seemed kind of dismayed. He claimed that Uber was offering a $20 per hour guarantee. I suggested that if they did that all the time, I would probably spend more time driving for them. LOL!

Did anyone else get asked to do this? Did you participate in it?


I got a call from a lady saying she was from Uber and looking for drivers to help with a promo on a Friday from 9-3 as well. She was real cagey about it and kind of rude when I told her I had a full time job and was working those hours. No way I would have participated anyway. Never heard anything else about an Uber promo after that. Wonder if they got anyone to do it...


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Yeah, he almost seemed miffed that I have a "real job" and that Uber is only little more than a hobby these days. I told him that I would be willing to drive a lot more if they raised the rates to what they were in January of 2015.

Not gonna happen, I guess.