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4. Blind spots

I am going to split this section into 3 parts. What are blind spots and why do you want to be in it. When to go into blind spots ? Where are the blind spots ?

What are blind spots ?

Blind spots are areas where you are unlikely to be requested by a rider. I call these blind spots. Why do you not want to be requested by a rider ? This is to achieve a TPH as close as 1.65. For example, I am driving on a Monday morning from 7-10am going for the $35/hour guarantee. Let say the time now is 9.10am and I have already picked up 4 riders and just 1 more to go before I achieved 5 riders in 3 hours. If I drive into a MRT central/housing area, there is a good chance that I will be requested shortly for a trip (maybe 5mins). If I take the trip and based on an average trip timing of 20mins, the time on my watch shows 9.35am. With 25mins on the clock, there is a extremely high chance that I will pick up another rider , making it a total of 6 riders in 3 hours. I had exceed that magical number. As $105 is guaranteed, picking up that additional rider is going to waste my petrol and energy on the road. Therefore, if I am camping at a blind spot, it takes a longer time for a trip to be requested for me (because there are nearer drivers out there) and I don't have the risk of picking up the 6th rider later on.

It may appear harmless to pick up the 6th or 7th riders within the 3 hours. However, all these extra rides are going to burn you out in long run. Moreover, you are using more petrol going to the pick up point and ferrying them to their destination.

Back to the example I have given. This is not a hypnotises but something I have been doing. Assuming that the time shows 9.10am, I will drive to a blind spot in 5-10mins(again risk of being requested is there of course) and once I reached the blind spot, there is a good chance that I will be chilling the F out for a good 20-35mins and then get out n spend the last 15mins picking up my 5th and last rider for the morning. Once done, 3 hours of $35/hour is guarantee. Time to head back home. Set my destination home and whatever I earn is on top of the $105 for the day. Depending where your last drop off and where you stay, you can earn up to $20 when you are going back home. If the destination is near your place, of course that`s beautiful! Save you time to drive home at a longer distance. To Sum it up, for that 3 hours online and plus that 15-20mins drive home, you are looking at approximately $115 ($92 excluding petrol) . All that for 3hours of online time and drive back home!

When do I want to go into the blind spots ?

Once you understood the importance to blind spots in relation to TPH and incentives. I am going to elaborate on the timings.

As we know that we cannot control when we will be requested for a trip, therefore, it is important to plan our daily trip. The above example is just one of many ways to get into a blind spot. There are 3 time frame to get into blind spots.

1. Before you start your drive
2. When you are on your 2nd and 3rd trip
3. Your 5th trip

1. Before you start your drive

For Sundays, I love the 7-10pm hourly guarantee time frame. This is because at the start of 7pm, a lot of people are either having dinner, enjoying themselves or at their family`s place. Therefore, the best place to start your trip is at industrial area. Tuas, Pioneer/Gul road, Changi business park, Ubi Ave and Road, Pandan Loop, Tai Seng. Other notable places include, lim chu kang, Changi Naval base, Rifle Range road and most SAF camps. Going online at these places on a Sunday, will decrease your chance of getting a trip request.

For a $30/hour guarantee, you are looking at $24 after Uber deduction. Therefore, for every minute you waited, you are earning $0.40net. A good 20mins of waiting them will generate you $8 for doing nothing but chilling in the car. Factoring in petrol and energy to drive on the road, you are looking at more than $8.

For weekday morning, usually there is not need for me to camp in business district and industrial area because everybody is heading there. That will move us to point number 2

2. When you are on your 2nd and 3rd trip.

So if you pick up 2 riders and landed yourself in Shenton way, Tai Seng or Marina area, obviously this area has became a blind spot in the morning because rarely you will pick people out from Shenton way in the morning, people are going in, not out. There is no hard and fast rule on how long to wait before moving. An example I can give is If I start at 7am and made 2 short trips, landing myself at Shenton way and my time is 8am. That means that for the next 2 hours, I`ll just have to pick up 3 riders to enjoy the incentives. Don't forget, I just need to pick up my 5th rider before 10am. If I give myself 15mins to look for the 5th rider, that means I have 1hour 45mins to pick up only 2 riders. Therefore, I can seek a blind spot n chill for a good 30mins. Like I mentioned, there is no hard and fast rule for this but the principles still applies; once you picked up a rider doing a short trip, you know your hourly is guarantee plus chop already. If you did 2 short trips, find a blind spot before picking up your 3rd. If you are being requested while finding the blind spot, it`s fine, dropped the 3rd rider off and look for a blind spot before you pick up your 4th. You must understand that finding a blind spot to take a break is a bonus. For most rookies out there, I cannot guarantee you that you are always in the blind spots taking a break but knowing where the blind spots are give you an edge. In short, knowing what are blind spots gives you a better sense direction when you are driving for the 3hours. Remember, the key is to estimate your time well and know how long you can take a break and achieving the TPH required.

3. Your 5th trip

I briefly covered this on point number 2. I give myself 15mins to find my 5th rider and it has worked so far.

I understand that many of you might be still confused on this section under blind spots. I will attempt to answer your questions with FAQ!

Q : Why do I even care about blind spots ?
A : Knowing where the blind spots are gives you an edge, its not a guarantee but it improves your earning by a percentage. By entering the blind spots, every min waiting time you have is money saved on petrol. You also get to take a break in between which is a good way of recharge. The best part is you are paid for that

Q : What if I don't go into blind spots ?
A : By not going into blind spots, your chance of getting a trip request is much higher compared to one who is in the blind spot. We target 5 riders in 3 hours. That's the target to met to optimize our earnings. IF there are 2 drivers, Driver A is stopping nearby around Jurong point while Driver B is heading towards Gul road (Tuas) on a Sunday evening, What are the chances of driver B getting a requested compared to driver A ?

Q : What if every time I want to go into a blind spot or at a blind spot, I am being requested ?
A: Personally, I have been requested for a trip while I am in a blind spot. I think that`s the risk to take. The chances are low but it`s not foolproof. Remember, even if it`s a 10min break, you are still gaining something out of it!

Q : I still don't know where are the blind spots ? Can you tell me more ?
A: Take a day off, turn on your Uber app as a rider. Monitor where are all the Uber drivers are during a specific time and day. Mark on your google map on the blind spots. When you are at the area, go to the area that you have marked. A good blind spot can also be at the road shoulder in the middle of an expressway.

Q : Can you give me another example ?
A : Let say I am just dropped a rider along bukit timah/dunearn road. Opposite old King Albert Park. Along Dunearn road, there is a road call rifle range road, it leads to a SAF CAMP and ST electronics. I drive up the ulu road there. Now, if you are a rider requesting for a ride around Dunearn road, other drivers around the area are more likely to be requested than you because you are out of range. Until there are no more drivers in the area, the last driver to be requested is you. This is blind spot.

Example number 2 .

During Hari Raya, I dropped a rider along Ubi and I drove deep into the industrial area knowing that it`s a public holiday, the area is basically a ghost town. I took a cool 30mins break before I was requested for a trip. That is blind spot!

To be contiuned..exceed word count


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What is TPH ?
How do you arrive at 5 riders to meet the incentive?
Is it always that I can just do 5 riders and get the incentive?
Please advise. Thanks