Uber Has @@@@ed My Life


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So you got 3 tickets in a short period of time and that's uber and checkrs fault...i paid my electric bill two days late...damn you uber


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It indicates that the person that responded is not interested in being helpful in any way and just wants to mock your writing style. You will encounter lots of these people. Just ignore them and move on. They are not even worth a snarky response.
If you want to be taken seriously, you need to communicate properly.


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My Uber Story

So I have been driving with Uber for almost a year now, in which time my soul goal has been to try to hit the 3000 rides with them so I can get my tuition payed for by Uber to the ASU online college. The reason I drive for Uber is so I can support my wife and 3 year old daughter. But here is a story how Uber has really screwed me over and hasn’t done anything or care about it. October 2nd, 2019 I was on my way to drop my daughter off with my wife so I could head out to work for Uber however I noticed my Uber account had been put on hold due to some unknown reason, all it said was to contact “Uber Support”, which if any of you have ever contacted Uber Support you will know how unhelpful they really are, I won’t go into that right now though. I called Uber Support and they told me my account was on hold due to the background check being run and should be up and running in 7-15 days, that was not acceptable because I have many bill to pay and I have to be able to make money, I mean it would be like if another company all the sudden just told someone not to come in to work for 7-15 days because of some reason but they weren’t fired or let go they just didn’t get to come to work for a week or 2 without pay. Now a week earlier on September 23rd, 2019 I went and rented car car with the Hertz/Uber team up they have. I drove 1 week with the vehicle which was nice to be able to not have to put so many miles on my personal vehicle and I liked the fact that if I hit a certain amount of rides Uber would help pay for that vehicle. However, the second week Uber shut off my account without warning because they are running the background check. Now I’m gonna talk about what is on my background check, I have 3 infraction or tickets whatever you want to call them nothing crazy, speeding ticket and one time I didn’t have my insurance card on me but I still had insurance at the time and a parking ticket, these things have happened in the last 2-3 years. They have all been payed for and taken care of no outstanding bills or things I need to go to court for. So here is where it all gets fishy, Uber told me to go to a court and get documentation for proof that all this has been taken care of and I still don’t owe money, CheckR the background company Uber has told me that the background check was completed and was fine and it was up to Uber if they wanted to hire me again, so I went back to Uber with the correct documents that showed that this was all taken care of and they told me that the background company had needed this to see that it was clear and I could start driving again. So I sent the documents to CheckR and gave them a call to follow up with them and they said the only thing I could do to clear my background check was to call a local DMV and ask them to remove the infractions from my driving record and I’d be good to go. So already Uber and CheckR are not adding up together for what I should do so I can start making money again to support my family. For those of you who don’t know this infractions or tickets stay on your driving record for 5 years and the DMV cants remove them before hand. So does any of this add up? Oh, and also I have 2,538 trip completed over 9 months with an Uber rating of 4.92 and I’m a diamond member I consider it a good rating,I am almost to the 3000 mark I believe Uber doesn’t want to pay for my tuition so they are finding a reason to shut down my account. Have any of you had anything like this happen?
Parking tickets and not having an insurance card on hand does not go on your DMV report unless you ignored them and was forced to go to court.
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If the parking ticket and driving without an insurance card is on your DMV then you probably ignored these citations until you had to go to court and pay the parking ticket and present proof of insurance. That’s the only way these citations would show on your DMV, especially the parking ticket.
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If you want to be taken seriously, you need to communicate properly.
why would you want people who work for childrens wages to take you serious? they dont respect themselves actually accepting $8 or less a ride

business agreements & research papers sure a message board filled with shills & math failures lol no thanks

let me guess your ego so big you think people actially take you serious & you can change strangers minds on forums because of your sentence structure? gold star & a badge for you now drive me 5 miles for the same
Do they though? I’ve been driving over 20 years and the only ticket I ever got was for doing 60 in a 50 lol. $20, 0 points. And only cuz I missed the sign in of speed changing and it was quota day for the cop. I do consider myself one of the best drivers on the road (and so do most people that drive with me...good driving is my top badge). I don’t think I’ve been lucky...pretty sure I just follow the rules and drive well. I’ve driven over a million km.

It seems to me that if tickets are “just happening” to you, you might need to improve your driving skills and are almost certainly breaking traffic laws regularly.

Roll through stop signs? Make turns from a non turning lane? Cut people off? Use the entire merging lane to merge slowly? Go back to school if you do any of this.
hmmmm new model vehicle literally pulled over every 3 weeks 90+% no ticket they were fishing of course how dare that n.... have a nicer car than me

minivan havent been pulled over in years even with 5 or 6 pros in the back like too $hort

im sure its purely councidental

pretty sure youre not brown in an expensive car mr perfect


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Did you not have a phone with you? Because you could have shown the officer proof of insurance on your phone. And if you did have valid insurance and were cited for driving w/o insurance, the citation would have been dismissed once you provided the court your insurance info. Also, why were you stopped in the first place? You failed to mention that. The cop didn't just randomly pull you over to check to see if you had insurance on your vehicle. Lastly, parking tickets are typically municipal violations. They don't affect your driving record and wouldn't show up in a DMV record.

This is why your story doesn't add up. You were probably driving without insurance, got caught speeding and some other third traffic violation you're not sharing with us. If you were seeking advice from this forum, the least you could have done was be completely honest about your situation.