Uber has dangled $100 million @ Dara Khorsrowshahi if he can convince investors,or a buyer,That Uber is worth $120Billion?



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Dara gets the $100 million for selling Uber for $120 billion?
Question is how does Dara convince investors that Uber is worth $120 billion today? especially when looking at the financials?$11.3 billion in revenue in 2018? a $3 billion loss on operations? Uber has $6.9 billion in long term debt? Answer is Uber has to show Wall Street a BIG HUGE growth story. welp Uber IPO's in May lets see what happens, Oh by the way guys, Dara thanks you guys for beating the crap out of your cars,1 day at a time, so he can maybe scap up that $100 million clams on your backs? ROFLMAO, JMO
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