Uber has an identity crisis


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Uber has changed their app icon....again:

Uber updated its logo from the iconic U to a swirly circle image in February 2016. 9 months later, it's changed it again to simplify it.Uber/Business Insider

When Uber redesigned its app icon in February, the company got rid its iconic U on a black background in favor of something it vaguely referred to as atoms and bits.

The change didn't go over well with userswho missed the simplicity of the U on the black background.

Instead, Uber's designed changed the app icon for drivers to a circle with a square in the middle and a line out the side - an obscure shape that's obviously not easy to describe or recognize as Uber at first glance. That shape was set against a background of blue lines for riders and a different pattern with red for drivers.

However, the company has now quietly rolled back some of its much celebrated redesign. As part of its most recent app overhaul, the company changed the app icon once more - keeping the circular shape that represented atoms and bits but reverting the background back to its simple black. The new app icon appears when riders update their app to the new design.

"When we rolled out the new rider app, we also simplified the app icon to better match the look and feel of the new app's design," an Uber spokeswoman told Business Insider.

While some users are still complaining that it's hard to spot the Uber icon still, the simplified black is a change many are thankful for.


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They always focus too much energy on the wrong crap and fix too many things that aren't broken. Just azz-backwards as a company.


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But noo Mike's trade dress isn't correct it doesn't have the bits and atoms

They said I was crazy..