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Uber has a new brand. Again.

Discussion in 'News' started by BurgerTiime, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. BurgerTiime



    This is Uber’s second major brand overhaul in less than three years. The Uber logo, in particular, has been tweaked over time, but it was still been an imposing, all-caps monolith. The word UBER was a visual manspread, evoking the members only corporate club from Uber’s roots as an on-demand black car service for Silicon Valley’s elite. The app icon was a confounding, highly controversial circuitboard thing that seemed only tangentially related.

    Wolff Olins began its exploration by traveling abroad, to markets like India, to see how the Uber brand lived there. A story began to emerge. Uber messengers rode bikes in 100-degree heat, sweating through on-brand all black uniforms. Many riders and drivers could not read–and the app icon was a confusing mismatch to that Uber word mark. Vehicles would arrive and people wouldn’t know, is this my ride or not? Uber’s Silicon Valley branding didn’t scale globally.
    For nearly the past year, Wolff Olins worked with LA-based type design studio MCKL to develop a new logo and custom typeface for the company. Young points out that the old Uber logo evoked the history of cars. “You’re talking about adrenaline, letters that live on a grill. The letters are squareish and hyper masculine,” he says. “But thinking beyond the car, to flying cars, a tut tut in Delhi, or a scooter in L.A., what’s an entity that’s broad enough to be colored by all these modalities that are yet to be defined, rather than constrained…to the automotive space?”
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  2. Fozzie


    Yeah, this will make a world of difference for the idiots who still can't even read my license plate number properly.
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  3. But Uber said they were sharing with me first.
    WTF Uber you lied again.
  4. CarterPeerless


    Attention Uber investors - this is how your money is being spent. Or to be more exact, how your money is being wasted.
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  5. Forest Young- GENIUS!!!

    Forest is the young cowboy who traveled the globe (expense account style), watching young Uber boys and girls and the way the logo hung on their clothes. After sampling beers around the globe, Forest didnt just write the word Uber....he hung out with a trendy LA studio and "created a font". I can only imagine the amount of weed and booze involved in fontification.


    And a word about our fontificator-Jeremy Mickel

    I run MCKL, a type foundry and design studio providing custom typeface design, lettering, and logos. I've created custom fonts for top design firms Pentagram, Leo Burnett, and Turner Duckworth, and logos for Etsy, Kraft, and House Beautiful. Always 'working', but looking for fun projects too. Recently I collaborated with Forest Young to create the new Uber font. Notice my smile below....

  6. Lee239


    Lee county fl
    I bet that new logo cost Uber $100 million.
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  7. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    Hyper masculine, man spread, who comes up with these words. Oh, it must have been the Fontification Group emdeplamemdeplam referenced.
  8. AllGold


    It took a year traveling the world--at who knows how much expense. After all that, they came up with... a new font (not to mention the "new" font looks similar to dozens of already existing fonts.). Bravo, Uber! Bravo!
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  9. *sigh*

    Burn baby burn...

    We can't even make up the absurd level of company waste can we?
  10. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    More likely a lot lower amount in uber stock lol
  11. JimKE


    Probably quite a bit. Although it seems pretty simple, fontification is actually much more complex than other forms of -ication.

    But I guess the crux of it is where your interests lie...
  12. Cdub2k


    New Orleans
    I think it's mandatory for this company to introduce something new every 3 months. I've been on the platform for 14 months and this is the 3rd Logo.
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  13. Meanwhile the cab company i drive for replaced the logo several years ago and switched the name (which is HUGE for a taxi company) and isn't going to change the name or replace the signage on the old taxis...
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  14. KenLV


    Las Vegas
    Upon reading that sentence, I realized the article's author was a tool and I stopped reading.
  15. It’s all about innovation.

    Big companies are really pushing innovation.

    No one wants to stay the same right now.
    So they change for the sake of changing.
  16. Soon
    It will say " DIDI"
    " Didi" of Communist China.

    They will set money ablaze

    Before they PAY DRIVERS !

    I worked the oil field in the late 70's.

    I know about Glorious Waste & Promotion.

    The LAST LOGO was inspired by BATHROOM FLOOR TILES while the " "artist" sat on the toilet suffering from alcohol & Cocaine induced headrush . . . .

    Sooooo . . .

    It also promptly inspired an Uber driver to shoot innocent people in between driving Uber passengers.

    He actually sued Uber over App.

    Many of us would like to . . .

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  17. uberdriverfornow


    These idiots will blow money on anything.
  18. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    Its like they somehow deleted the real logo by accident and since they had only 5 mins left till the presentation, made this new logo in a panic.
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  19. Taxi2Uber


    Las Vegas
    It took a year....well, a one year old, to develop the new logo.
    uber new logo.JPG
  20. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    This sure is exciting news. I can’t decide how to celebrate.
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