Uber GPS Malfunction


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For some reason my trips have been having bad GPS with the Uber app and a lot of my trips I have been having to get readjusted. Most of them have been adjusted correctly. This trip they said falls within their limits and I don't agree with them because I am losing about 2 miles of pay. Uber thinks I went up camelback to take these people to the Biltmore, but that exit backs up so GPS said to take the Glendale exit which is farther north and that is the way I took.


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Another Uber Driver

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Uber's GPS is a joke. As long as I am in the City or a suburb with which I am familiar, I will look at it for its entertainment value, only. Sadly, more than once, I have found myself in a suburb with which I am not familiar or in the exurbs (about which I know only that they are there) and have had it fail me multiple times. Every time that it does, I send a CYA e-Mail to Uber Driver "Support".


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All GPS's have been malfunctioning the last few days.
Read an article ... Google, Yahoo and a couple others having problems.
They don't know why, but they're working on it.