Uber going downhill?


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I’m used to making $300 from Friday and Saturday nights in Sac . Now i’m lucky to make half of that these past weeks ? Anyone encountering the same


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My goal is at least 20 hourly. I have been around 22 to 26 hourly. Too many drivers honestly. But that has always been an issue. Also uber raised the cost of pax for rides and many have switched over to lyft.


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Got a ride from East Bay Area to Gold River last night, then nothing for a half hour. Started driving back and got Elk Grove to West Sac, then 2 more small ones downtown. Last ride was 0.37 mile and got only $2.17. Set destination home.

The problem with Sac, and the whole Central Valley, is the that the base is crap to begin at $1.15, with mileage at ~$0.78 and time at ~$0.21 per minute. Bay Area is $1.65; $0.80; and $0.27, respectively.