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Uber go bank debit business card

Discussion in 'San Francisco' started by Mustafuoco, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Mustafuoco


    Does anyone have it and use in it .
    I want to know if its worth it to get and do you pay transitions fees at porches daily???? Thanks
  2. Uber business card? Lol what are the perks?

    -2% back on purchases after they swear they’ll tip it in the app?

    -$0.30 more on all pools given?

    -$2 off all cleaning fees that include puke in the seats?

    -$5 bonus for all quests completed, only to realize they mean real life quests where you go on a treacherous journey and seek out the hidden temple of Eldorado and avoid death traps and poisonous snakes in the hopes of returning from your quest alive?

    -Free counseling and therapy any time you visit the Hertz TNC Bryant Uber rental office?

    I don’t trust the Uber app let alone an Uber card. Sorry, I don’t have any input.
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  3. No fees ! It’s good for that lol ATM’s are always the shady ones in cvs.

    You have 2 options ,cash out to GoBank or your regular card
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  4. I have the regular Gobank card, cash out daily then transfer to my chkg acct.
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  5. Its good for the free instant pay. But support sucks.
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  6. Instant pay is free but you need to find ATM's that don't charge 3-4 bucks per transaction. It can be used at US Bank ATM's for free, not sure of the other banks that honor it free of charge, certainly not BofA or Wells.
  7. gaealien


    I don't trust Uber enough to go with a bank they're promoting and have an arrangement with. There's gotta be a catch somewhere lol. If you do decide to go with gobank though, review their fraud policies before making your decision, I've heard they're crap but haven't looked into it myself.

    Honestly, I like to have Uber as far out of my mind when I'm not working, and having a debit card with their name on it feels like too much of an emotional commitment lol
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  8. Agreed. If Uber's involved then it's likely been hand-crafted by the God of All Balls-ups and therefore is likely to go horribly wrong at any time with no warning. For the sake of 50 cents per day that I work I'll just stick to using my regular checking account thankyouverymuch.
  9. It’s also supposed to allow overdraft of up to 100$ with charges for gas , I have tried it out it got declined
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  10. Steelersnut


    CVS, Walgreen's, etc. Free in Pittsburgh
  11. Free at most 7-11's.

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  12. Just watch out for the out of network atms are considered a cash advance fee. But it has its benefit or 2. The mobil 1/ Exxon 3% cash back, just connect your card to a nice fuel rewards program such as gas buddy or F rewards or Safeway rewards and it’s not too bad. They also cover gas station authorization even if you have less than the $100 gas station initial auto.
    The local merchant/store cash back rewards are ok once in a while. Doesn’t hurt to have around.

    I usually send myself money from Venmo with the Uber debit card (instant pay transfer without ATM/branch visits) then transfer it to my primary checking /debit card or via zelle if your dealing w multiple hops with in network us banks.
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  13. Read the TOS.
  14. lighthouse


    san mateo
    FYI , had an embarrassing moment at in&out after swiping my GoBank card with money ! guy kept announcing that it was declined lol

    I’m like , Bruh !! to myself you could have asked if I want to use a different card smh

    Called them and it turns out they have a new security feature that was causing the card to be declined so I was advised ( told) to try a different place as it wasn’t going to work with that merchant

    I made him repeat it at least 3 times because I kept hoping i wasn’t understanding him may be a language thing or I was too tired but turns out he was very serious lol

    I’m throwing mine in the trash
  15. I have had 100% success with the "backup balance" feature, I sometimes just send my "brother" money using venmo, paying with the Uber debit of course!
    Shortly after sending the money to my brother, Its transferred to his debit card instantly and now its liquid. Thats one way to work around the restricted banking system we have in place here. I mean cant a guy just move a few mil here and there once in a while without having suits chasing him? Go bank never nags me about keeping the balance in red for a few days or a week. No worries. Its not that bad of a tool, but as mentioned just watch out for those ATM fees.
    in other parts of the world you can simply go to any banks ATM machine and instantly transfer a decent amount of money from one debit to another debit card, any bank, any atm network. Just need the 16 digit card number and an amount you want to send. Instant, Direct, and always free. I miss that system.
  16. I use it ONLY for the 1.5% cash back on all gas purchases. Keep minimum amount in it in case they decide to UBER us. No instant deposit fee and it's available within seconds of depositing. Backup balance works fine with minimum rides per month given (I think it's 80).

    I don't think my balance has ever broken $100. Nor under -$35. My fill ups only cost about $25.

    Not sure why you'd need to, but you can instant pay up to 5 times a day.
  17. Steelersnut


    Free ATM's at any CVS or Walgreen's.

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