Uber giveth and then taketh away!


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What happened to the 6 destination trips we were given? One day they just went back to two. The reason they gave was very lame saying that riders weren't getting the rides that they needed . That they were having longer wait times. I live in Seattle that's not possible! Give them back over, you were doing so well going forward making progressive changes not making us hate you anymore! Don't go backwards don't do it!

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It does seem like a pretty lame reason but their 180 days of change has been mostly window dressing and doesn't make me hate them any less. You may recall that at the beginning of this they added tipping which has done crap for me since they taught everyone that they don't need to tip and then quietly upped the booking fee which raises fares making people a little less likely to tip. Oh, and the 1/2 billion they generated from that increase, all into their pocket.

The only change that is really relevant is putting more money in drivers pockets and I don't see much evidence of that. Raise time and mileage rates, the rest is BS marketing.


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2 on mine today. Explanation is garbage.

It is garbage because my city is clogged full of drivers at all hours. Even suburbs are packed to the hilt with them.

There are so many drivers with such long wait times now that I am barely driving at all so now they decrease DF because riders were waiting too long? What a laugh.


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It's worse too. They've limited the distance you can set your df to.


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OK braniacs....

thats everyone EXCEPT the monkeys...

consider this....

just THAT change alone....

blew up Ubers matching algo...

is Uber's algo REALLY that unstable???

they dropped it in 4 locations..

then immediately dropped in the rest...

scary thought...AI is not reliable...

and now back to your regular station...

monkeys will be clowns...

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Thanks. I wonder what the limit is? I typically set mine about an hour away.

If Uber gets too stupid with the DF, I'll just go offline and use Lyft's.

I did a little test, I entered a destination 61 miles away at about an hour and seven minutes and I could do a destination filter. At 64 miles and over, it was too far.


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180changea “Destination-You’re in control on your own time””siiike!! We lied you’re going to suffer back to square one instead” “bend over we going to ram it in”